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Packaging Films, for Vertical & Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal Machines,
VFFS, HFFS, and Pouch Films and Laminates

VFFS, HFFS, Flexible Packaging Films and Pouch Laminations, Dual-ovenable, High Barrier Lidding Films,
Vegetables, Produce, Seafood, Meats, Cheese, Food and Beverage Products, Controlled OTR and MVTR

Below is a listing of materials and services we offer.
Please contact us via email at or telephone 860-617-7272 to discuss your product requirements.

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Barrier Coating

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Cast PE & PP Films

Coating & Laminating

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IMS Approved Lidding Films

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Lidding Films & Laminates

Metalized Films

Packaging Films

Peelable Lidding Films

Polyester & Nylon Films

Pouch & Cold Pack Laminates

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Specialty Coatings

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VFFS Films & Laminates

VFFS & HFFS Packaging Films:

  • VFFS, HFFS Machine Films
  • Polyester - Polyethylene Laminates
  • Nylon - Polyethylene Laminates
  • Polyester - Cast Polypropylene
  • Nylon - Cast Polypropylene
  • BOPP - CPP
  • Saran Coated - PvDC
  • Hot Fill Laminates
  • MVTR - O2 Barrier Laminates
  • Protects against bacteria and oxygen
  • Top webs on all thermoform-fill-seal (TFFS) lines.
  • Polyester - PET
  • Nylon - BON
  • Cast Polypopylene - CPP
  • Polyethylene - PE
  • Low Density Polyethylene - LDPE
  • Metalized PET, BON, PE, CPP
  • White PET, PE


Specialty Films & Laminates

  • Peelable PE and CPP Film
  • Packaging Film Laminations
  • Film, Foil, Lidding Laminates
  • VFFS Films
  • HFFS Films
  • PE-EVOH-PE Coex
  • Breathable lidding films
  • Microperforated films
  • Microwaveable
  • Peelable Lidding Film
  • Fresh Cut Lettuce, Tomato and Onion Films
  • Peelable Lidding Laminates
  • Easy Peel, Medium Peel, Hard Peel, or Weld Seals.
  • Food Packaging Films and Laminates
  • Industrial Laminates custom made to order

Golden Eagle Extrusions Data Sheets.
Lidding, VFFS, Pouch, Packaging Films & Laminates.

FDA Certification

IMS Approved Lidding Films

Lidding Film Information

FPL-150 High Barrier Peelable Lidding Film

FPL-200 - High Barrier Peelable Lidding Film

HB-25 - High Barrier Polyester - Polyethylene

HB-35 - High Barrier Polyester - Polyethylene

HF-46 - Hot Fill Polyethylene - Nylon - Polyethylene

LAM-15 - Polyester - Polyethylene

LAM-25 - Polyester - Polyethylene

LFO-ACPET - Polyester - Cast Polypropylene

LFO-4AP - Polyester Lidding Film

LFO-06MA - High Barrier Polyester Lidding Film

LFO-120PP - BOPP - Cast Polypropylene

LFO-160HD - BOPP - Polyethylene

MHB-15 Metalized PET - Polyethylene

MHB-25 - Metalized PET - Polyethylene

MLX-0081- Fresh Cut Produce Film

MPE HB Sealant - Metalized Polyethylene - Polyester

PE-EVOH-PE - High Barrier Coex Film

SCW-34 - Polyester - Aluminum Foil - Polyethylene

WHB-36 - High Barrier Polyester - White Polyethylene

WNP-37 - Nylon - Clear or White Polyethylene

Typical End Use Laminations


This is just a sampling of materials available, please
contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Please Email: or phone 860-617-7272 to discuss your product requirements.

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